Installation Instructions PDF

RAINPOD™ MAX can be installed quickly with minimal DIY skills required


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Minimal DIY
Installation is simple & super fast with only two holes that require drilling & minimal DIY knowledge is needed.

Fast Installation
Installation time is only approx 10 minutes.

Tools Required
Drill for wall brackets & 7mm drill bit & pencil for marking.

Step By Step

Choose your water butt location
Locate and position your water butt in its ideal spot.

Mark out the top of water butt
With your water butt(s) now in position, make a mark on your downpipe at the same height at the top of your water butt (excluding the lid).

Marking out the water level
Using the top of the water butt mark on your downpipe, measure at least 1” down and make a mark.

Mark out the downpipe cut lines
A: Now make a mark for cut line 1 upwards 50mm from the WATER LEVEL LINE.

B: From cut line 1, measure 920mm downwards and make a new mark for cut line 2.

Cut downpipe 
Depending on your downpipe type, remove off the wall and cut the downpipe on the cut line marks. Replace down pipe back onto your wall.

You should now have a gap for your RAINPOD MAX to fit in.

Marking your bracket
A: Attach the top bracket to the top of RAINPOD MAX, directly under the “funnel”. Place bracket on floor and push firmly (be careful of your fingers, these brackets are extremely strong).

B: Position so the base sits on the downpipe.

C: Line up your RAINPOD MAX inline with your down pipe, mark out the corner of the top bracket.

Fixing brackets
A: Remove the top bracket and place the corner to match the corner mark on the previous step. Mark out the screw hole with a pencil.

B: Measure 635mm downwards and make another mark for the screw hole for the bottom bracket. You can use a level for for a straight line down.

C: Drill both bracket holes using a 7mm drill and fit in the plug provided. Fasten both brackets firmly on the wall

Attach to the top bracket first while aligning your downpipe inside the “funnel”. Then attach the bottom bracket. Finally pull down your RAINPOD MAX so the top bracket is flush to the base of the funnel.

Be carefull of your fingers, these brackets are super strong.

Installation Video

Watch this quick video to see how quick and easy it is to install.