RAINPOD MAX host a variety of features to help make your water saving escapade a pain free and an enjoyable experience altogether.

RAINPOD MAX is built in the UK & it is made of high quality, heavy duty, high pressure PVCU components

All connecting parts such as the built in tap and snap fit base are all fully replaceable should you need to in the future. 

It isn't just RAINPOD MAX that we are proud of, we have a fully stocked shop of quality accessories that will also help to make your life abit easier and run more smoothly.


Unobtrusive, Slim Line Design

With its space saving, slim line design, RAINPOD MAX will blend in seamlessly with your existing pipework & can fit onto almost any property world wide

Dimensions: 950mm (h) x 125mm (w) x 200mm (d). Dimensions include wall brackets & tap.


In-line Connection

RAINPOD MAX will connect directly onto your downpipe and completely illiminates the need for a rainwater diverter. 

Downpipes to a diameter of up to 105mm (round) or 92mm (square).


Maximum Water 

Even though rainwater diverters will divert a great deal of water, they are no match to the MAX.

During heavy downpours a rainwater diverter will self overflow as they cannot handle too much flow. 

All rainwater will go into RAINPOD max and channel off to your water butts.


Built In Overflow & Splash Guard

RAINPOD MAX unique and distinguishing feature is its built in over flow.

The overflow actually controls the levels of all connected water butts. Keep all your water butts slightly higher than the over flow and you're in business.

When you've reached maximum water capacity, all your water will simply overflow internally and go back down your drainpipe.

The over flow also has a built in splash to guard to help reduce water loss via splasing, fancy...


Quick Drain

After the rain has fallen and your waterbutts have been topped up, you can access all your water via RAINPOD MAX'S built in tap.

This tap is also "hose lock" or "snap fit" compatible so you can quickly connect a garden hose.

Premium Tap: All our taps on RAINPOD MAX or bought seperately from our shop are high quality, no leak guaranteed.


"Snap Fit" Base

RAINPOD MAX has been fitted with an updated & new snap fit style base. Ideal for to changing or connecting different types of hoses which can be carried out in seconds.


Single Water Butt

RAINPOD MAX allows you to connect to single water butt in seconds. 

Simply position your water butt in its preferred spot, out of the way, far from any connecting drainpipe.

For more information on how this type of setup and how to do it, please click here.


Multiple Water Butts

With your RAINPOD MAX setup and ready to go, its time to add multiple water butts to maximise your saved rainwater.

The only limiting feature to this setup is your space. If you have enough space & you are serious about saving water, connect as many water butt as you desire.

For more information on how this type of setup and how to do it, please click here .


Daisy Chaining

Daisy chaining is a really easy way to connect as many water butts as possible.

Simply use a "t" connector at the base of each water butt then branch off to your water butt and the next butt in situe.


Rainwater on tap in your garden/greenhouse

This is another exciting feature that RAINPOD MAX has to offer. 

By adding an additional RAINPOD to your water harvesting arsenal, you can now have rainwater where you need it in your garden or perhaps your greenhouse, on tap.

Simply lay down some new hose and connect to one your water butt by using a "t" connector and then connect to your new RAINPOD.