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FaQs. General Information

If I connect the hose pipe directly to my water butts by replacing the water butt taps, how can I empty them?

Empty the water butts using the tap on RAINPOD. Alternatively you could always add another tap to one of your water butts for the best of both worlds.

Can the water flow from the RAINPOD tap be increased?

Using 1" hose will give you a stable and fast flow to and from your RAINPOD & Waterbutt setup.  

Is it possible to bury the connected hose pipe?

Yes, that is possible. As with any hose we would recommend to compact the ground too much around it. Depending on the scenario, you could re-inforce around the hose to give adequate protection. By simply burying your hose will be fine.

How many water butts can I connect to RAINPOD?

Providing that you have the space, you can connect as many water butts or water storage tanks as you desire.

How far away can I position the water butts from RAINPOD?

Technically speaking, you can position your water butts at any distance. There really isn't any limit on how far water will travel providing you have completed the installation correctly and maintained suitable levels.

Our system is designed for faster flow rates using 1" hose. Long distances the flow may slow but it should still be mroe than adequate.

I have different size water butts. How can I connect these?

You can use different sized water butts, simply ensure the top of the water butts are level to prevent over flowing.

What is the difference between RAINPOD and RAINPOD MAX> 

RAINPOD will connect to your drainpipe via the rainwater diverter and RAINPOD MAX does not require a diverter as it installs directly inline to your drainpipe.

Do I need to empty RAINPOD in winter?

Yes, you will need to drain your RAINPOD only in 0 degree or below conditions.

This can be done in a matter of seconds...

Simply close off your connected water butt taps (older models) or disconnect the jumbo hose connecter from the base of your RAINPOD and insert the isolation valve (supplied).

Open the tap on your RAINPOD to drain all the water out. This is now ready for extreme cold. 

When the cold snap is over, simply reverse the process.

Do I need to drain RAINPOD MAX in the winter?

No, you do not need to drain RAINPOD MAX during severe freezing conditions. This is because it is an open unit so the ice will simply rise slightly out of the top (funnel)

It's been raining slightly but there is no water in the water butt? 

Depending on the type of rainfall you have had, the roof etc will soak up most of it. So don't expect much to come down the drainpipe unless it is a good downpour.

It has been a good downpour and I still can't see any water in my water butts?

Firstly, ensure your RAINPOD has been installed correctly. If you have just fitted a diverter, ensure this is fitted properly aswell. Ensure that there are no kinks in your hose which will restrict the water flow.

Ensure all the levels are correct as per our installation page.

Can I water my garden using RAINPOD?

Yes, however you will need to select the hoselock style tap or have "both" taps when you make your purchase. 

Simply connect a hosepipe to RAINPOD tap. Remember, as it is a gravity fed system, the water flow will slow down the higher you raise it. 

If you would like higher pressure, you can install a water butt pump.

Can I move the RAINPOD further from the rain diverter than a usual installation?.

You can position the RAINPOD further from the diverter if you need, however, it's important that the pipe connecting to the rainpod from the diverter doesn't bend or bow otherwise it will trap air in it and won't work properly. 

If you use 1" flexi pipe then we recommend fastening it with wall clips to keep it in a straight line slightly downhill towards the rainpod from the diverter. Or just use a rigid waste pipe.

Can I connect more than one RAINPOD to link multiple roofs to maximise saved rainwater?

Yes, this is a great way to save huge amounts of raintater. You can connect as many RAINPODS to multiple roofs with ease. 

Simply maintain the correct levels as per our standard installation instructions.

Can I increase the water flow to water my garden or use a sprinkler?

Yes, we would recommend using a water butt pump in one of your connected water butts.

Do you offer NEXT DAY Delivery?

Yes we do. You will be able to select your delivery times and methods at the checkout.

Can I pay using PAYPAL?

Yes, please select this option at the checkout.

Do you offer SAME DAY dispatch?

Yes, this is not a guarantee however we would aim to dispatch asap when an order is received during working hours.

Do you only ship to the UK?

Currently, if you order online, our website will only allow shipping to a single UK address. 

If you would like an overseas delivery, please email us to get the order place and to find out shipping costs. We are looking to ship to Europe so please contact us.

Do you have a telephone number? 

Yes, 01903 255 330  

Can I connected multiple RAINPODS from different gutters to the same water butt setup.

Yes, the more the merrier. Just keep in mind the water levels and you are ready to go.