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Save Unlimited

Move your water butt(s) away from your drain pipe.


save unlimited rainwater

Connect as many water butts as possible to save precious rainwater.

Move water butts out of sight

Move your bulky water butt away from your house. Create space where you need it.

Fast & easy installation

Installs in under 5 minutes with minimal DIY knowledge required.


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When it rains, it stores.

RAINPOD is the ultimate way to store & save unlimited rainwater with ease. It can be installed onto any property & your water butts can now be positioned where you want them while tidying up your garden at the same time.

With its slimline, unobtrusive and versatile design, RAINPOD can transform your limited one water butt setup into a rain water harvesting bonanza. Installation is super easy which requires minimal DIY knowledge and fits in under 5minutes.

Connect a single water butt

Connect to multiple water butts

Scattered water butt setup

Unobtrusive, Slimline Design

With RAINPODS slick look and unique design, it can be fitted onto any property and looks the part.

Add Multiple Water Butts

You can connect as many water butts as you like. If your space allows, get set up to save unlimited amounts of water in minutes.

Direct Connect

RAINPOD will connect to any rain diverter world wide with a 3/4" connection

Quick Drain

Empty all of your connected water butts with ease using RAINPODS tap. Also caters for hoselock connection great for watering garden or topping up your pond.

Quick Fit Connections

Connect to your water butts in no time at all using the "hoselock" connections on the tap and RAINPOD base. Use the tap to water the garden by connection your hosepipe.

Fast Installation

Installation couldn't be any simpler, only two holes need drilling. Minimal DIY knowledge is needed for this part and total installation time is under 5 minutes.