Mr R Pearson - Lincolnshire

"The Rainpod was the answer for my problem of having rain butts right next to the corner of the house and of anyone having to negotiate them every time they went down that side.

They now sit about 7.5m from that corner, well out of the way. The Rainpod itself was very easy to position and fit to the wall by following the instructions provided. The two clips are very strong as stated but are easily fitted by respecting them and taking care.

As the pipe from my rain diverter is 1” (25mm), it meant that it was larger than the inlet pipe on the Rainpod. To address this, I simply wrapped tape around the inlet pipe on the Rainpod and fitted a jubilee clip to obtain a watertight fit. I had some self-amalgamating tape so I used that.

I used a semi rigid pipe from the diverter as it is situated around a corner from the Rainpod, as I wanted to eliminate any chance of sagging or bending.

I decided to lay the hose underground using 32mm plastic piping to not only hide it but give it some protection. At the water butt end, again following the instructions, all was really very straight forward. 

Overall easy to fit and the system is working well and collecting water.

Simple but brilliant!

The service from the company was excellent with good delivery time and prompt replies to questions."

Mrs J Andrews - Market Rasen

"Very happy with product now it's fitted and water butts filled. 
Easy to set up. Had problems with original taps fitted on water butts and changed them for one's with '0' rings. Still had drips but as you suggested, plumbers ptfe fixed that - would have helped to have been aware, and perhaps not necessary to purchase different taps.

Slow to fill water butts - beware wayward slug!! On clearing him out butts filled beautifully! Really pleased with end result."

Mrs D Mctigue - Stockport

"I have to say that we are really pleased with the RAINPOD and how it's working.  At the side of our house we have a couple of greenhouses side by side - we use a lot of water but there isn't space for a large water butt as the path is narrow and sloping too.

The RAINPOD has been the ideal solution.  It was easy to install and the water butts, which are positioned about 5m away against the fence, quickly fill up when it rains heavily.  

We currently have 2 butts attached but would like to increase that to 4, hence the yellow hosepipe is not currently as tidy as it might be.  Having a water meter, I have no doubt that the RAINPOD will save us money in the long term.

However, it also saves us time as the water is close to where it is being used and we plan to set up a greenhouse watering system directly attached to the water butt, saving further time and optimising plant growth.

I notice that the RAINPOD now comes with a winter shut off valve which I think is a useful modification.  The RAINPOD  is a very clever idea and I have no hesitation in recommending this product."

Mr J McCulloch - Melton Mowbray

"We had 2 problems with storing water from the gutter on the front of our bungalow. There was no room for a water butt and it was also impractical to run hoses to the rear of the property.

We are delighted with the Rainpod as solves both these problems. We now have water "on tap" at the front garden directly from the Rainpod and 3 butts connected for the rear garden.

The installation  was very simple following the instructions  on the video. The Rainpod enters the first butt at the bottom but the second and third are connected at the top.

We can highly recommend the Rainpod as a simple and efficient system for water collection and storage."

Amanda - Honiton

I am so glad I came across Rainpod one day whilst trying to find a solution to my garden set up - a large shed with a narrow gap down the side/back of it between the fence - perfect for a few slimline waterbutts but I would have only been able to access one of the waterbutt taps and therefore a multiple waterbutt setup wasn't looking possible.

Rainpod was the solution and it works brilliantly! Easy to set up, and if you are struggling you can always chat to someone with the online chat (very handy). We've positioned the rainpod so it's fully accessible for garden use, the hose runs underneath the shed and connects to 3 slimline waterbutts round the back only one of which is fully accessible, yet I can still get all the water stored from the tap on the rainpod.

After lots of rain they are now full and ready to go. The pressure from the rainpod is very good, I used the full setup kit for 3 waterbutts and so glad I did. I would highly recommend buying these products, all high quality items and the service offered from Darren and his team is brilliant, very chuffed!


Mr Williams - Worthing

"We installed a rainpod in the front of our house where previously there was a hideous old water butt instead. We upgraded to two new water butts and moved them into the back garden nicely out of the way.

Rainpod is a simple idea that works well. Very pleased and service has been good aswell. Recommend."