Single waterbutt connection

RAINPOD is fitted next to your drainpipe, in most cases it would replace your previous water butt. The water butt can now be placed in its new preferred location.

Simply connect your water butt to RAINPOD via standard garden 1/2" or 3/4" (recommended) garden hose. For best results for higher water flow, we recommend connecting the first water butt to the RAINPOD using 3/4" hose. You can use 1/2" hose the water flow will be a slightly slower as there will be some water restriction.

The water level in the water butt will always be the same as the RAINPOD.

Ensure that your water but is slightly higher than your rainwater diverter. This will prevent your water butts from flooding and excess water will now revert down your drain pipe.

Hosepipe connection

You can connect 1/2" & 3/4" hosepipe to the RAINPOD without having to change connections on the RAINPOD itself. The snap on connection supplied caters for both size snap on fittings.


RAINPOD & Water Butt Connection

When your water butt has been positioned & your RAINPOD installed, simply connect both items together as explained above. Want to add more water butts to increase water volume, click here.