Lets get connecting!

The multiple setup is very similar to the single system, pay particular attention to your levels and you will have no problem here.

To link multiple water butts, simply daisy chain as many water butt's as required. To do this you would simply attach a "T" connector as shown in the diagram below. Hose pipe is then connected from RAINPOD to your water butt taps. We supply a full accessory range to cater for all occasions.

When your water butts are in position, lay enough hosepipe to reach directly underneath the water butt tap, then cut the hosepipe and the push over the desired end of the T connection. Then cut a small piece of hose to reach from the to top of the T piece to to the water butt tap, same again push over the top of the T piece. Then finally measure enough for a length of hose to reach from the last end of the T piece to reach the next water butt and repeat this process until you have reached the last water butt.


Daisy chaining

Daisy chaining is a term that we use when connecting each waterbutt using a T connector. For 1/2" hose, we use a 1/2" T connector and the same for 3/4" hose, a 3/4" T connector is used.

Fast connections

No jubilee clips required for this process if you are using the correct connections, simply push on and go for this part. All accesories and connections are available from our shop.