RAINPOD can be fitted quickly with only minimal DIY knowledge required by following these simple steps.

Installation time is approx 5 minutes.

Tools required: Drill for wall brackets & 6mm drill bit & pencil for marking.

Step 1 - Choose water butt location

Step 2 - Add rainwater diverter

Simply install your rainwater diverter per manufactures instructions and ensure your outlet of your diverter is slightly lower than the top of your water butt.

This will provide an overflow when your water butts have reached there capacity, excess rainwater will now return down your drainpipe, rather than flooding your water butt.

If you already have a rainwater diverter installed that you would like to connect too, simply ensure your water butt is slightly higher than the outlet of your diverter.

Step 3 - Fixing RAINPOD to your wall

Line up your RAINPOD so it is slightly lower than the outlet of your rainwater diverter. Keep the brackets attached for this process.

As it is gravity based, it is vital that the water flow from your diverter travels down to the RAINPOD, it will not travel upwards.

Step 4 - Mark the corner of the top bracket

A: Using a pencil, hold your RAINPOD against the wall in position, mark out one of the corners of the top bracket.

B: Ensure that there is no gap between the bracket and the top of RAINPOD

Step 5 - Mark screw hole

Remove the bracket and line it up with your mark from the previous step. Make another mark through the screw hole in the bracket.


Step 6: Fixing bracket

A: Using a 6mm drill bit, drill a hole on the new mark and tap in the rawl plug (provided).

B: The fasten your bracket to the wall using the screw provided. It is not necessary to tighten fully just yet.


Step 7: Attach RAINPOD and fit second bracket

A: Attach RAINPOD to the first bracket. These are super strong brackets made to last so be careful of your fingers.

B: Mark out your second bracket and attach to the wall as per the previous steps.

 Step 8 - Tighten & Attach

 Tighten both screws and attach RAINPOD - Be careful of your fingers.

Final Step - Connect to your diverter & water butt

A: Connect RAINPOD to your rainwater diverter using 3/4" hose. It is recommended to use jubilee clips to ensure a water tight seal.

B: Ensure that the connecting pipe travels downwards from the diverter to RAINPOD and not upwards.

C: Connect RAINPOD to your water butt(s) using standard garden 1/2" hose or 3/4" hose. We recommend 3/4" to at least your first water butt for increased water flow when using RAINPOD tap.