A Single Water Butt At Ground Level

In most cases this is ideal setup having level ground from your diverter to your water butt(s). 

Keeping your diverter slightly lower than the top of your water butt will mean that excess water will go back into your drainpipe and avoid overflowing your water butt.

As your water butt starts to fill, so will your RAINPOD and the water levels will always be the same. This is because this system relies on Gravity, also know as a gravity fed system.

If your garden has different levels, please see a few example below of you you can still use our RAINPOD system.

Higher Ground Levels - Problem

This diagram shows what would happen if the water butt was positioned where the ground level was higher than your RAINPOD position. 

The water in the water butt will only rise to the level of the rainwater diverter.

High Ground Levels - Solution 

In this scenario, you can simply raise the height of your rainwater diverter to just below the top of your connected water butt(s).

Then simply extend the connecting pipe from your diverter to your RAINPOD

This will enable you to keep your RAINPOD at the normal level. 

RAINPOD is a sealed unit so it doesn't really make a difference where you place it, as long as it is below the diverter.

Lower Ground Levels - Problem

This diagram shows what would happen if the water butt was positioned where the ground level was lower than RAINPODs position.

The water butt will fill up and overflow. In this scenario it is recommended to drilling a hole near the top of the water butt and attach an overflow pipe.

The water flow from the RAINPOD tap would be slower in this case due to the low water levels present.

Solution: If possible, raise your water butts.

Lower Ground Levels - Solution

First Solution: Raise the level of your water butts

If you can't raise the level of your water butts, follow these steps...

(See large diagram below)

Step 1: Ensure you connect at least one water butt at the correct level to your RAINPOD.

Step 2: Add a 25mm 90 degree overflow bend at the max water level you would like to fill your first water butt(s).

Step 3: Ensure your rainwater diverter is HIGHER than the water level in step 2. 

Step 4: Connect your hose to the 90 degree bend in step 2 and connect the remaining water butts in the lower garden section.

Step 5: Add an addition water butt tap to any of these water butts to access your lower level water or install a water butt pump.

Step 6: Add an overflow to one of these water butts. This will serve as your main overflow to your system. 

If you wanted to hide the lower level water butts, simply add a RAINTAP to access your water in a more convenient location.