2 x 200l Water Butt Kit includes HALF PRICE RAINPOD
2 x 200l Water Butt Kit includes HALF PRICE RAINPOD
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2 x 200l Water Butt Kit includes HALF PRICE RAINPOD

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2 x 200l Water Butt Kit includes HALF PRICE RAINPOD

This water butt kit will boost your water flow from your RAINPOD to your connected water butts. This kit will cater for connecting 2 water butts using 3/4 hose & connections throughout.

Using 3/4" hose provides a faster flow for when draining water by using the tap on RAINPOD.

How do I receive my discount?

Simply add this water butt kit & a RAINPOD to your order and you will receive a 50% discount on your RAINPOD

Kit includes: 

2 x 200l Premium High-Grade Water Butts
2 x Water Butt Stands
2 x Water Butt Lids
2 x "Hoselock" water butt taps
3 x 3/4" Premium Hose Connectors
3 x Jubilee Clips
1 x 3/4" T Connectors
Hose length of your choice (3m, 5m, 10m, 15m & 20m lengths)

3/4" Torsino Premium Anti Fold/Twist Reinforced Hose Pipe

Ideal for connecting your water butts to your RAINPOD. 3/4" hose is recommended for faster flow when draining water using the RAINPOD tap.

What is Torsino Hose?

Torsino hose, NTS (No Torsion System) is especially used as a premium garden hose.

No Fold - No Twist - Easy To Use - Non Toxic - Anti Algae - Temps -20c to 90c - 25 Year Guarantee

The Torsino hose with No Torsion System (NTS) is a 4 layered non-toxic, UV resistant yellow PVC garden hose with a 65-degree angle knitting for the patented best no-torsion effect. The hose works at a maximum pressure of 10 bar with a 3.0 safety rate to bursting pressure. 

Why not use a budget type hose?

As our system is gravity fed, the pressure in the hose is low. So if you use a budget hose to connect your waterbutts, you may experience kinks, twists or fold in your hose pipe especially around corners or bends. These twists or folds will slow your water flow down drastically.

Water Butt Dimensions

Diameter - 680mm
Height (without stand) - 900mm
Height (with stand) - 1230mm

Please note: Due to the water butt size, these are sent directly from the supplier so your water butts will be sent out on a separate delivery. Please contact us to check stock beforehand however items are usually readily available.

Color: Grey
Size: 800mm (h) x 105mm (w) x 200mm (d). Dimensions include wall brackets & tap.
Material: Heavy Duty PVCU